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Application and Ecommerce Payment Gateways

Easily Accept Payments from within Business Applications and Online Stores.

So you've decided to improve your digital presence, expand your sales opportunities with Ecommerce and sell online. To convert visitors into customers, the next thing you need to address is which payment gateways to use.

Payment Gateways

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a system to use the service provided by a payment processor from within your business applications. The payment gateway allows you to use the payment processor to initiate and complete a transaction between you and your customer.

The payment processor takes care of verifying the customer's payment method and transferring the funds.

The gateway acts as an intermediary between your business, the payment processor and the customer. The processor will respond to the gateway confirming the status of the transaction. This response is received by your Ecommerce platform. The appropriate action can then be taken i.e. confirming the order.

When it comes to choosing which payment methods to accept it's down to your business choice and customer preference.

You can use multiple payment gateways accepting many payment methods including Bitcoin, AmazonPay, Worldpay, Paypal, WeChat, AliPay and more.

We can have you up and running and taking online payments in no time at all.

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